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  • What are the check-in and check-out hours?
    Entrance time from 15:00 Departure time until 11:00 Don't worry. If you want to arrive earlier or leave late, talk to Rami 😀
  • What is in each Yurt?
    Each yurt has a private toilet and shower, air conditioning for cooling and heating, a coffee corner with a kettle and a small fridge. Outside each yurt there is a personal pergola with a picnic bench overlooking a crazy view of the Sea of Galilee! Yes, there are also electrical sockets in each yurt but no internet. In the village you disconnect from the outside world for an experience of friends and family. 😍
  • I ordered a yurt on the website - does it include a set of bedding?
    The base price for accommodation includes mattresses, pillows, pillowcases and hand towels only and does not include a duvet, sheets and body towels. It is possible to add a set of bed linen for an additional fee at a one-time cost of NIS 40 per person.
  • Is there a playpen for the baby?
    We really like babies in the village, so bring them and we'll arrange a coop for you. Note that the chicken coop is an extra NIS 30 one-time.
  • Is the complex accessible?
    The village is accessible and adapted for people with special needs, and there is an accessible yurt at the entrance to the complex. 🏠
  • We want to close the entire complex for the event, is that possible?
    Definitely! The complex can be booked for family events or groups. You can coordinate in advance. To correspond with me on WhatsApp, click here or call: 0544479978 Rami Ziv, manager of the complex. 😎
  • What kitchen equipment do you have?
    Our kitchen is equipped with everything good for you! Here is a small list: oven, microwave, refrigerators, gas stoves, hotplates, hotplates, freezer, work surfaces. Wait, that's not all, there's more! Pots, cutting boards, cooking utensils, cutlery and much more. Just come and prepare food with love or don't do it at all 😍
  • Do you have trees and an area for fires?
    Of course it is! Like what were you thinking? Complex of bonfires and trees on us. You will come to light just be careful with the fire, yes??!! 😱
  • Do you have coals or barbecues at the place?
    Of course, there is. Plenty of high-quality barbecues for everyone, You just bring the meat. You can buy a bag of charcoal from us for NIS 35 and a lighter for NIS 10. 🐘
  • Can you bring animals to the complex?
    A difficult question that many guests and customers we love ask... By and large - the answer is no. If there is a special case of a customer who owes then if you convince Rami, maybe he will agree. He's tough, by the way 😂
  • I ordered on the website and inserted a credit card, did I pay?
    No and no. The credit is only for safety and the payment is made when you come to the village. Just don't forget the date and come with good vibes, huh??!!😁
  • How many parking spaces do you have for caravans?
    First of all our caravan complex is amazing on other levels! You will find that out when you get to the village. Now let's talk - we have 5 Yamblulu car parks in Shamblulu. Come with the trailer and a good mood 🚐
  • Is it possible to rent a trailer on the spot?
    Definitely! We have 2 new European caravans of a very high standard that you can rent. The caravan has everything - a double bed and four single beds, a kitchenette with a sink and a large refrigerator, a shower and a toilet. In a central space complex that includes a large and spacious common kitchen and sitting area, there are also areas for bonfires and barbecues. The trailers are stationary and cannot be taken elsewhere.
  • What does renting a caravan park include?
    Crownists, we really love you and have arranged a special complex with everything you need for a different experience. So what is there or what is not? Here: toilet and shower with hot water 24/7, connection to water and electricity for the caravan, level barbecue for each caravan, sitting area and lawn. In addition to all this goodness, you have a huge shaded area with an outdoor kitchen that includes an oven, water, gas. Luxury seating areas and good music. Oh, and if you want a beer, go to a convenience store and tell Rami to invite you for a cold beer 😎
  • What is the price for renting a caravan?
    Our price is NIS 250 per night for the middle of the week. Weekends 300 but if you book 2 nights then you got a second night for 200! Won't you take it? Of course you will. Come on Kravonians come. 😅
  • What is the price for renting a caravan on the spot?
    Wait a minute. Let's sort it out. We have parking for your caravan and we also have a luxury European caravan standing by and ready to rent for you. Just note that it cannot be removed from the compound. Standing like steel in a place with the most beautiful view in Israel. The price for midweek per night The price for the weekend per night. And yes, we love people so if you call Rami and tell him you came from the website he will give you a discount. 🤓
  • Is the place suitable for groups and schools?
    Sure! The complex or part of it can be closed for groups, prep schools and schools for training days. The village can accommodate up to 110 people and we will be very happy to host you. Talk to the sheriff of the village of Rami to get a quote: 0544479978
  • Are there permits and insurance in the complex?
    Obviously! We have all the required approvals to host groups in an orderly, safe manner and with all the required documents. Business approval, bookkeeping and tax deduction, insurance and any required document. To receive the documents, send us an email:
  • Do you have accommodation units for the team and drivers?
    Definitely! We have especially for the staff an accommodation unit with an arranged bed and all the necessary equipment for the staff of teachers, drivers and attendants. It is important to request in advance how many staff members you will have and we will take care of the rest :)
  • What is the price for groups and schools?
    Our prices for groups are customized to your needs and the number of people. If you are a really nice group then the sheriff of the village Rami will make you a shell price. Just send us a request and you'll get a neat quote :) Email: Rami's phone: 0544479978
  • What are the hours and opening days of the food truck?
    The Pod Track is open Wednesday-Saturday. Between the hours of 15:00 and 11:00 and the last customers
  • What's in Podtrack?
    Pey, what a question of the booker. There is a pod track here on a completely different level than you will see elsewhere. You ask why? So let me tell you a secret about what's here😜 Special chef sausages at a level you didn't know about - that's what they call yambalulu, and with a commitment! The hot dog comes on a bed of a huge and crispy baguette, with shell sauces, chips and of course a cold beer.
  • What are the prices at Podtrack Naknikuret?
  • What beaches are there?
    Duga beach Tzemach beach
  • Chocolate eye
    Estimated arrival time about 15 minutes Ein Shoko is a spring that springs in the south of the Golan Heights, within the boundaries of the Haon Cliffs Nature Reserve.
  • We are right in the coffee section, where is it?
    Nino Coffee Cart - Ma'ale Gamla Molan Patisserie Cafe - right next to our neighbors in Bay Gali Pistachio Cafe - Kfar Harob Shamale - Cafe in Anyam Coffee in Mitzvah Arthur Cafe
  • Love meat - what's in the area?
    Here is text
  • Dairy lovers - what's in the area?
    Here is text
  • Love bikes - where are there?
    Here is text
  • Ranger trips
    Here is text
  • Sedans in art - Loll Art
    Lol Art is a unique workshop complex, located in Moshav Ramot in front of the Sea of Galilee. A variety of "do-it-yourself" DIY workshops, suitable for anyone and any age. Making useful products from different materials and fun techniques from the world of creation and art. We promise you will surprise yourself.​ We develop and prepare by hand especially for you, a variety of fun craft kits.In the workshop you will experience and experiment with different techniques from the world of art that are suitable for everyone and for every age.To book a place: 052-3301222
  • Mandarin Studio for sculpture by rights
    Studio Mandarina is a whole world of creating art in glass. It houses professional work tools and an oven, in the studio a lot of colored Murano glass rods coming from Italy. By visiting the studio you can witness the fascinating work process of sculpting the glass rod into colorful beads. The piled up on the counter and at the end of the process are beaded into a piece of jewelry with a unique look like no other. Each and every item is handmade with a lot of love and attention. Next to the studio - a colorful and unique workshop room.
  • Is there a grocery store in the area? What are the opening hours?
    Sure. There is a grocery store in Givat Yoav a few minutes drive from the village. ⏱️ Opening hours Sunday - Friday - 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. on Friday until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Telephone of the grocer: 050-353-0596 Link to the grocery site here
  • Are there any writers in the area? Do deliveries reach the village?
    Definitely! There are many writers in the area and even Shufersal do shipping to us!
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