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Yorts with view of lake

The yurt village on the Golan Trail
The paying holiday in nature

הכפר מבחוץ

Village on the cliff

A unique and new hospitality village located on the edge of a basalt cliff in the south of the Golan Heights, overlooking a breathtaking panoramic view: the Galilee Mountains, the Harbel Cliff, the Tabor Peak, the fields of the Jordan Valley, Mount Susita and of course the Sea of Galilee in its entiretyHer glory is opposite.

The place is suitable for a wide variety of vacations and activities: hosting families, groups, tourists and bikers, study days, conferences, special events and workshops. There is full accessibility for people with disabilities.


accommodation units 

 11 accommodation units, each about 40 square meters, adapted to all weather conditions. Each unit has a spacious bathroom with shower and toilet. 

The unit is equipped with eight comfortable futon mattresses, air conditioner, refrigerator, coffee corner, shade curtains, a covered sitting balcony and a bench with a view.


Caravan complex

5 parking spaces for caravans or renting parking with our European caravan.

The complex includes - connection to water and electricity, barbecues, grass, cheap and sitting corners, an area for bonfires, an outdoor kitchen and most importantly - an amazing view of the Sea of Galilee :) 


Tent complex 

Do you have a tent and need a perfect place to sleep? We have opened a new possibility to place a tent in the compound for up to 8 tents.

You will have a shaded area with grass to place the tents, an outdoor kitchen, sitting areas, toilets and showers and a convenience store with everything travelers need for a trip to the Golan.

food truck
convenience store


WhatsApp Image 2023-03-13 at 17.33.40.jpeg

Dining area



WhatsApp Image 2023-03-13 at 17.33.38 (1).jpeg

Picnic area


 Group Yurt




BBQ & Tabon

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